Behind the Scenes

We specialise in machine embroidery, but there is more than meets the eye than the name suggests. Here we share briefly a condensed process that we undergo for every piece of work that comes our way.

1. Digitising

Quality embroidery begins from quality digitising. All embroidery has to be digitally created through a process that involves shaping each design element by the pixel. At this stage, stitch types, direction, density, and even the order of stitching will have an impact on the final result.

Embroidery Digitising | Shepha


2. Preparation

Preparation involves selecting the right frame size for the design, deciding on the framing technique, selecting a suitable stabiliser to match the material to be embroidered, as well as carefully choosing between different thread types and colour to recreate the design as accurately as possible.

Embroidery preparation process to select the right materials

3. Embroidery

Framing and positioning is done to ensure the embroidery is placed at the right spot, and the embroidery process begins. For certain methods of embroidery, such as appliqué, manual intervention during the embroidery process is required - usually to add additional fabric, ribbons or other embellishments that the design requires. The first 3 steps may be repeated to get as close to the desired result as possible.

Framing and positioning for embroidery to begin

4. Finishing

Once the embroidery is completed, the product is examined up close to remove excess thread and stabiliser material. Additional treatment such as adding an iron-on backing may also be performed. They are then packaged and made ready to meet our eager customers.

Ensure product is well made and packaged well