Our Story

SHEPHA (sheh’-fah)


Humble Beginnings

Over 20 years ago in Singapore, Shepha was founded by Paul, an astute purveyor of embroidery thread. Back then, Shepha sought to enable the industry through providing reliable and competitively-priced embroidery supplies for local embroiderers both big and small.


Transformation began with the realisation that the business is well-equipped to provide the very services that it enables. More than that, diversifying across the value chain benefitted Shepha with a perennial, undisrupted supply of materials and a wide range of thread types and colours. These benefits translate to increased choices and improved quality control for customers.

Shepha Today

With a new generation joining the business in 2018, Shepha still retains the values and expertise of its founding generation, but has redefined its focus to ensure the craft stays relevant through changing times. Our mission today is to promote the craft of machine embroidery through relevant and quality products and services.



 The Shepha Difference

Design Driven

There are numerous ways to get to a single outcome, but we ensure this final outcome is always a stunning design 

Affordable Quality

Our work is oftentimes bespoke, but we offer hyper-customisation without the high costs

Optimised Processes

For each job we do, we find an optimal balance between time, cost and quality



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